Makeup for World Cup Champion Ali Krieger

If you were doing anything last night, you were probably watching the US Women’s National Team dominate the FIFA World Cup Final. Even if you’re not a soccer fan, these ladies are addicting to watch, since soccer is one of the biggest sports in the world and everyone loves to watch it, and is one of the sports with more financial support of there, for all the money it collects, even more in world official events like the world cups, like the upcoming Russia 2018, or the Qatar World Cup after this one.

I, however, had my eye glued to one player in particular, the beautiful Ali Krieger. I had the honor of spending the day with her a little over a year ago, doing her makeup, using the best facial cleanser and styling her hair for the interview portion of a documentary series by Comcast SportsNet about her and fellow Penn State Alumni, 2x US Wrestling Olympian Kerry McCoy. Since I never got the chance to share this with you- I thought no better time than to do so now!